Top Three Reasons to Become a Cluckers

Since its conception, the convenience store industry has been the backbone for Cluckers Tennessee Fried Chicken. Cluckers, was, created to serve the industry in the beginning. We understand the convenience store owner’s point of view better than anyone. That mindset helped create Cluckers with the convenience store owner’s needs, desires, and goals being a focal point of the success.

With that focus in mind, Cluckers was introduced as unique restaurant quality branded option, with no franchise fees or royalties. The Cluckers Tennessee Fried Chicken program is easier to manage, has flexibility throughout, sensible startup cost and better return on investment vs. other programs.

All Cluckers licensees attend a training program we call Cluckers University. This training program is catered to the needs of each owner and operator. The Cluckers University program includes one-on-one training and video tutorials.

Cluckers Tennessee Fried Chicken also assists with onsite set up at the location. Each month, we perform onsite visits to provide assistance and quality assurance. An investment in Cluckers gives you a training and support program that does not stop once your location is up and running.

The difference in Cluckers fried chicken is simple…it’s easier to manage, better return on investment, and our fried chicken is superior to the competitor. Our chicken is always fresh never frozen.

We pressure fry our specially marinated chicken to keep it moist locking in the flavor. Traditional open fry or “heat and eat” chicken typically causes chicken to become dry.